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ECU Tuning

At Rapid Remapping we can re-write your vehicles ECU software to truley make you car unique to you. Whether it is your daily driver or track day car.

We can tailor it to you.

If you require a higher RPM limit, Speed Limiter removed or added, Catalytic Convertor or DPF removed and faults deleted. EGR deleting or want the turbo to come in lower and boost higher. That annoying flat spot the car has just off idle, we can smooth that out.

The possibilities are endless.

Motorhome Tuning
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Marine Tuning
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There are 2 main ways we read and write our bespoke software to your ECU

1. Down the OBD Port: This is done via genuine and up to date KESS unit using KSUITE as the software

2. ECU Removal: Using a geniune KTAG unit and KSUITE. This more indepth takening more time consuming and more technical. Due to way modern ECU have been developed they have an Anti Tune written on them. Some can be patched to be OBD tuneable (ie; VW Caddy 1.6tdi, Ford Transit Custom) others are purelly “Bench" Tuned

We are the professional choice of remapping in Hampshire and remapping in Southampton. We are the number 1 choice for remapping car in Basingstoke. With truck tuning and our reliable adblue deletes. Specialist in Doosan DPF Deletes, New Holland tractor tuning, scr delete in case ih. We can also provide adblue emulators, removal of adblue faults. With solutions for DAF ablue faults, Scania adblue faults, MAN adblue faults can all be removed.
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