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HGV Truck Remapping

The UK’s best HGV and Truck ECU remapping specialist.

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We have been building our reputation in providing reliable and performance HGV remapping options for truck.

Our tailored software increase your trucks performance, adding torque, raising MPG and will increase the power. For us its all about maximising your trucks fuel efficiency and increasing your trucks profitability. We offer trial option for fleet users to prove the software reliability and that it increases your profit margin

We can also carry out a range of onsite solutions:

Adblue/ SCR delete

DPF Delete

EGR Delete

Fault Code Removal

Onsite/ Field Service Diagnostics

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HGV Truck ECU Remapping is a completely different game. Different Rev Range, Different power torque request. Also one of the limiting factors is that every truck is limited to 56MPH. Meaning its needs torque to get there then to be efficient at that speed to maintain a better then stock MPG. Your trucks emissions are not impeded when tuning and nor will it emit any extra smoke.

hino ecu remap and hino chip tuning truck remapping

Truck / HGV ECU Remapping Service

When remapping trucks we us some of the same tools as tuning Cars and LCV, as well as a stand alone truck remapping tool.

The options are as with cars down the trucks OBD Port or via the trucks ECU removal. We can carry this out all mobile and efficiently to keep you truck on the road and in profit. We provide all vehicles which we supply tuning for a 24hr return to stock support. As with all remapping, in all the years we have been chip tuning, and carrying out health checks before tuning. We still can’t always know what truck will behave like after tuning. And as an extra make sure you don’t have a truck off the road, you can call us any time of the day to get it back to stock. An extra service to provide peace of mind.

We can also carry out extra services at the same time as tuning, including DPF Cleaning and highly rated TerraClean Diesel tuning service. This is nationwide service. Travelling to many ports: Dover, Felixstowe, Portsmouth, Southampton as well as counties Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Dorest, Berkshire

We are the professional choice of remapping in Hampshire and remapping in Southampton. We are the number 1 choice for remapping car in Basingstoke. With truck tuning and our reliable adblue deletes. Specialist in Doosan DPF Deletes, New Holland tractor tuning, scr delete in case ih. We can also provide adblue emulators, removal of adblue faults. With solutions for DAF ablue faults, Scania adblue faults, MAN adblue faults can all be removed.
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