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Van Tuning

We offer the same tuning options as the cars. But more designed around delivering torque to help the van carry its loads with more efficiency.

We also in quite a few case get asked to remove the speed limiter imposed on van's from previous fleet owners.

With our tuning also provides a better return on MPG, means our clients starting saving money on fuel and increase their profit margin on the job. In some case's we can save a client around £2.400 a year on fuel.

We also offer some great hardware options for getting more out of your van.

In van tuning there is a huge range of of power outputs but the same hardware. Take our favouite and most popular van to tune the Ford Transit Custom 2.0 EURO6 we can take the lowest 105bhp and 360nm of torque and take it very reliably to 190bhp and 480nm of torque.

Ford aren't the only company to do this Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, Vauxhall and Citroen. All do this through out their range of vehicles. So before you buy the more expensive power model. Why don't you ask us to see if we can tune it for a cheaper option.

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